Friday, April 10, 2009

Daycare fun

Ever since Kris started working nights at the restaurant, unfornately, the boys have had to spend more time with me at the daycare. Thankfully, it's free for them to come and play while I'm working. Friday and Saturday nights are the hardest is the late nights because we close at 10p thru the week and midnight on weekends. So, as much as I need the hours for $$, I really pray parents will come early so I don't have to keep the boys there so late. So, far there's only be 1 Saturday night we've had to stay until midnight. There have been a handful of nights the boys are there until 10p with me, but we're making it work!
These are just a few fun pictures I've taken recently of the boys playing at the daycare. Leyton is mostly into the video games, but Maddox LOVES everything at the daycare. Both boys have made a ton of friends in the year and a half I've worked there too!

Apr 4 - Date Night with Leyton

So, last Saturday night I had a date night with my favorite soon to be 6 year old. We decided to hit up the local cinema to see the 3D version of Monsters-vs-Aliens. What a blast! This was Leyton's first time to see a 3D movie. As excited as he was to see the movie, he was also nervous too about seeing the 3D version for fear it would look like things were really going to hit him. Needless to say, he LOVED it (and so did I)! It was so fun watching it in 3D. Sorry for grainy quality of the photo, but of course it was very dark in the theater when I took this picture that I took with my phone. After the movie I promised him ice cream. I really wanted to take him to Ben & Jerry's, but they closed at 9p so we didn't get to make it there. So, we decided to go ahead and pick up Maddox from our friend's house and head to McD's for a hot fudge sundae. What a yummy $1 treat! He was pretty much over me taking his picture so he can see his nice 'fake' smile below.

Brett's Blessings

For those of you that follow my blog, I wanted to update you on the family that lost their son in that tragic car accident this past December.

Amber and Chris have started a new foundation called "Brett's Blessings". They are collecting new, unwrapped toys to donate to the ICU at Children's Hospital. Here's a blurb from Amber's blog:

Chris and I have started - well I guess you could say foundation, but it's not there yet. We have called this yearly annual toy donation Brett's Blessings. I racked my head for days on what to name "it" and Chris came up with this in a minute and what a perfect name it is. Brett was a blessing. What better way to honor my child than to make other children, of all ages happy? Brett's Blessings will help bring smiles to children in the ICU at Children's Hospital Dallas. My mission is to ask everyone that I know if they would be willing to donate a new, unwrapped toy for many children who are in the ICU. This year we have picked the ICU department specifically because this is where Brett spent his last few hours before passing away. I hope that next year I will be able to spread this toy drive to Children's Medical Center in Dallas as I have now been told by two people that they have nothing like this. Who knows, if this toy drive gets really big, I might just be able to do it this year. Wouldn't that be a blessing. Please spread the word.So today I leave you with this: Open your hearts. Give to those you don't know. Someday you might be in need of the same.

Adventure Kids and Stonebridge UMC are the 2 main drop-off points for the toys. I'm so happy to see the boxes at both location are filled to the top with toys! What a tremendous, caring community we live in!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is just what 2 year old boys do...

There is no explanation needed for these photos. It's just what little boys do. ;-)

Yes, that's mud!

April 5 - PYSA Sports Festival

The Prosper Youth Sports Association hosted their 1st Annual Spring Sports Festival. It was a time for all the spring associated sports (volleyball, basketball, baseball) to showcase and introduce their teams. It was a chilly day, but all the boys really had fun 'parading' onto the football field and waving to the stands.

It's times like this that make me realize just how old Leyton is getting to be. Leyton's team name is the Prosper Predators and he has his first game this tonight. (April 7)


I'm so ready for my family to be nice and healthy. We've been going on a month now that someone in this house has been sick with something, and most of it is the same thing being spread back and forth.

A month ago, right before Spring Break I got a cold. I had the cold for almost 2 weeks. Well, I we got home from Spring Break and Kris caught my cold. Again, he held onto it for about a week and now Leyton has had it. Leyton's had this nasty stuffy nose and cough for 3-4 days now. Poor kid doesn't feel good at all and has napped almost everyday for about 2 hours at a time.

Now, Maddox, he never did really show signs of the cold, but lucky us he caught Hand/Foot/Mouth. They symptoms showed up yesterday afternoon with a few spots and by bathtime last night his bottom, hands, feet, and mouth were COVERED in the painful rash. Thankfully, it's going away about as quickly as it came on. Almost 24 hours later and most of the rash has started going away.