Sunday, January 31, 2010

A couple great weeks of pride

The past couple of weeks Kris and I have experienced great pride in Leyton. The pride came on the heels of a time when Leyton did something where we were really disappointed in him. He lied about getting in trouble at school.

After that week of punishment we've experienced and discovered things in Leyton where a parent couldn't be more proud.

#1 - we got a call from Leyton's football coach from this past flag football team that just ended. He called to let us know they were moving the team to the McKinney league for a couple of various reasons. He said he and another coach (from the team that placed 2nd in the league) were putting together a 'select' tackle team for this coming fall. The coach was very impressed with Leyton's abilities on the field and asked if he could be part of this team. Leyton's still in the early stages of his athletic career, but Kris and I were so proud that they thought he was good enough to be put on this team.

#2 - that same week Leyton came home with a flyer/letter from school. It stated that the school was creating a new Math and Reasoning Club that was to meet once a week after school. The letter said he was selected to be a part of this new club and it was a permission for him to be a part of it. At first I couldn't tell if the school was politely telling me that Leyton needed tutoring in math and needed to stay after school for that, or if this was an honorary thing. Well, it was certainly the latter. I emailed his teacher after getting this letter to get more information. She said she was only allowed to select one child from her class to be in this club and she saw so much potential in him and felt this would be a great thing for him. She said the math stuff they go over in class now is too remedial for him and he needed more of a challenge. Again, GREAT PRIDE! Our kid is a whiz in math! Who would of knew?!

# 3 - the third thing we discovered this past week is the fact that Leyton has some artistic abilities he's been hiding from us. The past couple of months I've seen a few things he's drawn and thought it was pretty good. Spongebob and his friends are currently adorning his bedroom door. The pictures below are what he drew this past week for us. You can see the stuffed animal that he was drawing next to the picture he drew. I think he did pretty darn good!