Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring is upon us

Tex-Ice - January 28

These are very late in sharing, but I just stumbled upon them and wanted to share.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My son got sent to the principal's office today...

Yep, that's twice this year he's been sent to the Principal's office. And, yes, my friends I am referring to Maddox. My 2.5 year old!

Apparently, today he decided he was going to try and sneak out of his classroom...4 TIMES! He was either trying to get something out of his cubby in the hallway, look in other cubby's, or go play with this big workshop toy that sits by his classroom. He'd get caught every time he's sneak out because he'd slam the door behind him.

This boy is going to be a handful growing up. I can already tell. He loves to push his boundaries to see how far he can push and see what he can get away with. But, how can you get mad at a face like this.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1 - A day with Papa Rick

Papa Rick came over to visit today. He took us to lunch, played Nintendo with Leyton, and let Maddox jump all over him. They love him so much and LOVE it when they get to see Papa Rick.


This pair is quite the duo. They are literally inseperable on the weekends and over the summer. They've been bestbuds for a few years now. If Leyton's not hanging out at Brandon's house, then Brandon is over here. Brandon lives 2 doors down. Brandon's little brother Brian is now coming over and becoming buds with Maddox. Brian is a year older than Maddox (Brian will be 4 this summer). Next time he's over, I'll have to try and get a shot of the two of them together too. Here' s a few shots of them from last weekend.

Feb 21 - He's on 2 wheels now...

He's finally figured out! Last summer Leyton made great headway in learning to ride his bike without training wheels. He had the balance thing down, he just couldn't figure out how to get on and start on his own. It got to where he never wanted to ride his bike because Kris or I had to be outside with him to get him started. We ended up putting his training wheels back on so he could ride his bike with his friends this past fall. So, last Friday I got home and saw this...
Apparantly, Maddox ran over Leyton's bike with his Jeep and bent the training wheels. His bike wasn't rideable unless they came off. So, he was forced to learn. I'm not sure why, now, he picked it up so quickly, but he was literally riding within 30 minutes of the training wheels coming off. Now that the weather's been nicer, we can't hardly keep this kid inside.

Feb 20 - My Sweet Leyton

I was telling some friends of mine how Leyton wears his leg warmers on his arms. They're technically called "Baby Legs" and are meant for babies to wear under skirts, onesies, etc. However, Leyton and his cousins are starting a new fashion trend. His friends think they're pretty cool too. My cousin sell them in her shop and I'm going to get a couple new pair for him when I go back in March.
And this next shot is just a cute one of him.