Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Project Black. Take One

Leyton and I had a quick, fun photo shoot in the backyard yesterday afternoon. I wanted to get some shots of his cute new mohawk that he's been begging for. I also needed some shots for Project Black. http://annacpics.blogspot.com/ Thanks Anna, for inspiring me to get out and take some more creative shots with my son.

And, I know we aren't supposed to use B&W's for Project Black, but I couldn't resist adding this one to this blog post.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's time to potty train

I've been putting off potty training for as long as I think I can with Maddox. He's 23 months and according to some the right age to start. But, according to others, proably still a little too young. It's seems like if I remember right we also started pt'ing Leyton around this same age and he's was fully potty trained by 27 months.

Maddox has been regularly taking off his pants/diaper for about the last 6 weeks atleast. It's now gotten so bad that he immediately takes off his diaper right after he pees or poops. So, with him doing that, plus the fact that he'll pretty much pee everytime we sit him on the toilet, I've decided it's time.

Maddox will basically be naked anytime he's at home and I plan on taking him to the potty every 30 minutes. This is what we'll be doing for the next week or so until he gets the hang of things. Since I just decided today that we're 'officially' training, I still need to go out and buy some reward candy to help incentivise him to go on his own. Wish me luck, I really hope this doesn't last for months. I'd like to get him in undies by the time he goes to preschool at the end of August.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Official, I'm a preschool teacher!

Sorry that it's taken me so long to update on what's going on with the prospect of me becoming a preschool teacher. I had to keep it on the down low for a little while for fear that some of my co-workers might let it slip to my director that I was looking elsewhere for a job. I'll be officially telling my director this week about my new job.

I will be an assistant teacher in the 4 year old, 4 day program. I'll be able to move up to my own class next year to become a lead teacher. Because of my experience in the field I will be getting paid more than I initially thought I would. So, I won't be taking too much of a pay cut from my current job. It's a paycut, but a very tiny one.

At this time, I hope to still work at the daycare 2 days a week and a few weekend shifts that are required of all employees. My fear is that my director won't want to keep me on for only a couple of shifts per week. So, I guess I'll see what happens there. I just want to keep the possibility open to work there too (especially around Christmas when the extra $ would be great).

Thank you to everyone for you kind remarks to my other blog. I appreciate everyone's support.