Friday, June 27, 2008

Summertime Fun

Not much to post on, but I wanted to share some photos of some our summer time fun so far.

Maddox LOVES the water and to 'swim'. But, this kid has NO fear. On this recent trip to the Frisco Athletic Center he was begging to slide down the kiddy slide and 'swim' in the lazy river. He wanted nothing to do with being held by mom and dad. He'd rather try to do it on his own. This kids gives his mommy and daddy a heart attack every day. Yesterday while at the pool we stayed in the kiddy pool that was 1 ft deep. Maddox would walk on his hand down the slope until he couldn't go any farther without drinking water. He also decided he liked jumping off the side of the pool!! YIKES! NO FEAR!!!

Leyton loved the water slides too. As you can see by the smile on his face, he loved every minute of it! Fun times!

And the last is a picture of a dear friend of mine Jolynn and myself. JoLynn's husband got an excellent job offer he couldn't pass up and they are moving to Arizona. :( We are really going to miss their family, but can't wait to visit them for a 'spa weekend' really soon!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The last of Project Blue...Daycare Blues

My, oh my, I found a lot of blue to capture at my daycare. Everywhere you turn there is a blue toy, a blue chair, a wall, and loads of other stuff. Here's a few pics I captured.

This is from our 'Sports Wall'. Kids compete against each other to hit the lights up on the wall and see who gets the higher score.

This next one is a foam block. Yuck, look at all the teeth marks on the surrounding blocks. Kids obviously prefer these as chew toys than they do building castles with them. Thank goodness we sanitize nightly.
A chair...

A word...


Thanks for looking. As you can see, I had a hard time choosing just one.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Yummmm.....My all time favorite fast food joint. I stop here almost daily, sometimes twice a day for a nice refreshing drink. You just can't beat a Sonic Diet Coke (easy on the ice). The Sonic Blast's are yummy too, but at my local Sonic you have to ask for 'extra candy' or they'll try to skimp on the candies.
If you don't have a Sonic in your area, I'm so sorry.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Project Blue. Take One

It's a 3? It's an M?? Nope, it's the W from the back of my work shirt.

When racking my brain to get the creative juices flowing, I just starting taking pictures of anything with blue in it. This particular picture came from the front seat of my car. I was on my way to work, with my shirt in the front seat. Ah...BLUE.
There is much more to come. I took my camera to work that day, a daycare full of colors. Stay tuned for the endless possibilities of blue stuff at a daycare.

Update to previous blog

A lot of you have been asking and I wanted to give a quick update on my previous post. Our group has pulled together and is beginning to become like our oldselves again. We had a come to Jesus which I think probably helped for our future communications. I had mentioned in the previous post that there were 4 girls who all kind of felt like thier feelings were hurt. Sadly, one of them has still yet to come back to our group. I know many of us have tried to communicate to her thru email, to let her know she's missed and what an important part of our life she is to us. Well, I know from my communications, she's preferring just to cut ties. I'm still very confused by this? I still don't understand how/why she got hurt as bad as she claimed she did? She is a dear, dear friend of mine and I am still holding out hope that she'll eventually come back and try to make amends.

As for this blog, be on the look out for my upcoming Project Blue. I've tried to get myself behind the camera a little bit the past few days and I'm anxious to get some photos posted for you. For more information on my Project Blue, click here