Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leyton's birthday celebration

This year my friend Jessica and I decided to do a shared birthday party for our boys. They both were turning 6 with a week and a half of each other. And what better way than to have an awesome party is to share the cost. We opted this year to use our neighborhood park and rent a bounce house and a face painter. The weather for the 2 weeks prior to the party was rainy, rainy, rainy. So, we did some hard praying that it wouldn't rain on our party. The rain stayed away! YAY!! It actually was perfect. Low 70's and not to windy. Perfect weather for a group of kiddos that have been cooped up inside because of all the yucky weather we'd been having.

Leyton and Grant had a blast at their party! It was such a great time and all the painted faces were adorable. Thank you to everyone that came and made our kids day extra special. Here's a link to more birthday party pictures if you want to check them out.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Prosper Predator

Here is Leyton's cute little U6 baseball team. Their team is currently in 1st place in our league. We have a great set of little players! I'm sad the season is almost over.

Mother's Day Tea

Today, in celebration of Mother's Day this Sunday, Maddox's class hosted a Mother's Day Tea. It was so adorable. I love going to the little parties that his teachers throw for the parents. Here is Maddox showing me the placemat he made for mommy. You can see on the right side where he drew his picture of mommy. The teachers said he did it all by himself too! Not bad for a 2 1/2 year old.
Next, was the prayer before the muffins and tea.
And, here is Maddox holding the present he was giving to mommy. It was a hand towel with his handprint and some other stamped designs he put on it.

Thank you Maddox! I love you sweetie!

Happy 6th Birthday Leyton!

Monday, May 4th was Leyton's 6th birthday. Leyton woke up at 6:15a and the first thing out of his mouth was "I can't believe I'm finally 6!" He was so excited for this special day. Later in the morning he was eating his breakfast and told me his arm was hurting. I said, "Well, it's probably from playing your new Wii this weekend". He said, "No, I think I'm having growing pains since today is my birthday." LOL, what a cutie!

My parents are going to be able to make it to his birthday party this weekend, so my mom decided to drive down for the day and surprise him with lunch at his school. He certainly was surprised to see grandma and so excited to see his big bouquet of balloons too! I think he mostly like all the attention he got from all his friends when they saw he had balloons.

He had a baseball game later that afternoon and then grandma took him to his favorite restaurant. You'd guess Chucky Cheese or Peter Piper Pizza. Nope. Macaroni Grill! That's my boy!

His party is this Saturday and we have our fingers, toes, and eyes crossed it doesn't rain! It's in our neighborhood park and we'll have a bounce house and a face painter!

Some fun giveaway contests I found

I am a big blog follower and love finding new blogs to add to my reader. I came across to great Mother's Day Giveaway contests that I thought I'd share on here as well!

The first contest I found is for a muslin swaddling wrap, made by Aden and Anais, It's a wonderfully soft swaddling blanket that gets softer and softer with each wash. Check out this blog to hear this mom's testimony. Leave her a comment and you'll be entered in the contest to win one of these cute blankets!

The other contest I found is for a new Kodak Digital Camera! What an awesome giveaway! Here's the link to this blog and how to easily enter that giveaway as well!