Tuesday, February 24, 2009

EJ update on me and a brief update on Kris

The Edward Jones recruiter called me this afternoon to tell me that I am still a front running candidate, but Mike still is in the 'interviewing process' and will have a decision by Friday. (insert eye roll here) Ugh, SERIOUSLY!! If I'm a freaking front runner, then why interview anyone else. LOL! So, hey atleast they called to keep me posted so I don't have to keep wondering when they'll call. I'm just so over this whole process and ready for it to be over so I can move on to something else if I don't get this job.

As for Kris, he officially started to work with Rick's Chophouse last night. He had his orientation and he has training every night this week, including Saturday. More training the first half of next week and then hopefully he'll be on the floor by next weekend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So, last night Kris went for 4 hours of server following. This was his 4th and final interview in the process. When he left the manager said that he wanted to talk to the servers and get their opinion on Kris and that he'd call Kris by tomorrow about the job. Wow, it's amazing the hoops he has to go thru to get a job at this place. He almost regrets not just going to Macaroni Grill first. Mac Grill is where he waited/bartended for almost 5 years. He'd probably be on the floor already there. But, going to the restaurant he did is going to give him better tips in the long run.

Barring that Kris gets this job, Monday he will start his training for 2 weeks. It's a thorough training on the history of our city, history of the restaurant, the owner's charity that he supports, loads of information on wine, and of course the steaks and food they serve. The reason for the intensive training is because it is "THE" hot spot to go to in our town, located in our historic town square. So, it gets a lot of tourists and such.

Kris also got his letter about unemployment today. He will receive the maximum our state allows, which is $392. It hardly anything, but at this point we'll take whatever we can get until Kris starts bringing in a paycheck again. They are still 'reviewing' his account to make sure he qualifys for unemployment so I"m not sure when we'll get that first check?

As for me, I go in tomorrow at 3p to see the Edward Jones guy again. Hopefully after tomorrow I can better nail down a date for when I might get to start that??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Roll Call

Okay, so I wanna know who's here and reading. Duh, I know it comes across as a note on FB too, but I'm curious to see who likes to come here and read my blog. It's been pretty boring in the past, but lately as you see I've been writing a lot about what's going on with Kris and I.

Blogging, for me, is sort of like writing in a diary of sorts. Writing out what's on my mind helps me get it off my chest. Even if NO ONE reads my blog, it helps just to get it out there and out of my head.

Hopefully, some of you lurkers reading will come out of the wood work and start commenting so I know you're there and reading. :-)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thank God!

Yes, he's looking out for us! Maybe he doesn't want me to have the stress and worry that's been a burden on my heart this weekend?

Kris was at his final interview tonight with the owner of Rick's Chophouse. 10 minutes before going into the restaurant Kris gets a call from the guy who laid him off. The guy proceeded to tell him that they did some 'recalculating' (????) and decided to go ahead and pay him severence. It's only for 2 weeks pay, but hey, who cares!! That will help us out TONS. It takes such a wait off my mind. Since I've already paid the next 2 weeks worth of bills, this check will pay us thru until the middle of March. By then, we'll have a couple of unemployment checks and maybe some of Kris's restaurant training money.

So, yeah, Kris goes in on Wednesday to do an 'employee follow' thru out the night and he'll start his mandatory 2 week training on Monday. Kris has also received word from 2 different golf courses about some positions that may be available for him. They are lower paying gigs, but with the restaurant money it will work until he can find a more permanant position.

Speaking of permanant position, Kris is applying all over the country for another superintendent position. Alabama, Ohio, 2 in Colorado, Las Vegas, and even Cancun! Sheesh, at this point in the game as long as the pay/benefits are right, I guess I'll move anywhere. Although, Denver would be ideal since my brother and SIL live there and then my parents could easily come visit us both at the same time.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our testing and challenging time lately

God has really tested my strength and patience this past week. Kris got laid off from his job last Friday. He had really bad vibes this would be happening and unfortunately he was right. The gold course he was working at has no more money. 2 months ago Kris had to lay off 6-7 crew members and about a month ago he was asked to lay off his assistant. In the meantime we tried to stay positive and tell ourselves there was no way they'd lay off Kris. There's no one higher than Kris at the course except the GM who runs the operations of the course. Well, we were wrong. They're out of money and the one way to get more money is to cut from the top. Kris was replaced within 3 days with someone making $20K less than Kris. It was apparant they had been looking/interiewing while Kris was still employed.

I've tried my best to stay positive and optimistic for Kris this past week, but it's getting harder and harder with each passing day. He picked up his final paycheck from the golf course yesterday and found out they re-nigged on thier severence offer. Initially they told him maybe a month of severence, then when he went on Monday to get the last of his office things they told him they'd probably be able to offer 2 weeks severence. And then the assholes didn't end up giving him anything. I about lost it. So, we have his paycheck to pay the bills for the next 2 weeks and then we're screwed. And, I just paid bills and we have NO more money for the next 2 weeks. Thankfully, our vehicles are full on gas, Maddox has diapers, and we did our grocery run. So, we're all covered there. The only thing I gotta figure out is lunch money for Leyton. I can pack his lunches on some of the days, but the more I do that the quicker we run out of food too.

Kris filed for his unemployment yesterday. He has submitted his resume/applications to multiple places. The great thing about Kris is he will do whatever it takes for his family. One of the jobs it looks like he has a great chance of getting is about 3 steps back in his profession and $30K less a year. But, we have to have SOMETHING right now. He also is pursuing going back to waiting tables as a 2nd job. He has a lot of experience with it and made great cash in the past when he waited tables and was a bartender. There is a fine dining establishment here in McKinney that is hiring and he has already gone thru 2 interviews with them and passed. He has his 3rd/final interview with the owner of the restaurant on Monday. Hopefully then he'll find out when he can start his 2 weeks of mandatory training and when he would get paid for that training.

I'm really, really stressed. Keeping our credit in good standing is of the upmost importance to Kris and I. So, it's imperitive we pay our bills on time. We've never, ever been in a situation like this and I think that's probably why I'm really stressed and getting depressed about this. I've put on this outer shell of happiness and 'everything's going to be okay' and my shell is crumbling piece by piece. The boys have no clue of what's going on and that's the way we'll keep it. All that matters is that mommy and daddy are happy. There's no reason for Leyton to know that daddy is not working or switching jobs. It's too much for him to take in and he doesn't need that stress/burden either. So, Kris and I try to remain like nothing's changed to the boys, but that's why I'm crumbling on the inside. The facade is getting harder and harder.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Edward Jones

Last Friday I had an interview with an Edward Financial Advisor to be his Brank Office Assistant. Basically, in a nutshell, I would he his assistant. The interview went great. I was with him for an hour and a half at Starbucks. The pay is so-so, but it's more than I'm making now and even with paying for Maddox in daycare I'll still be bringing home extra. The benefits and bonuses and great. When I left the meeting he asked me to call him today, Monday, and let him know a time frame for when I'd like to start.

So, I talked to the Edwards Jones guy again today. I told him I could start for him anytime after Spring Break, so basically anytime after Mar 23. I figure that will give me a month to let the preschool know I'm leaving and get me replaced. He then asked me if I would be able to start on March 1 if he'd give me the week of Spring Break off. I was shocked. That's so SOON! I was really hoping to give the preschool more advance notice, but he said he'd make sure I can give them atleast 2 weeks. The job hasn't 'officially' been offered to me either, but obviously I think he's ready to move forward, lol. The St. Louis headquarter office contacted me via email about 1.5 hours after I talked to Mike to set up my phone interview that is required for all applicants. I also have to fill out a 12 page application and fax it to them!

I'm very anxious about it all. I mean, wow, that means I have to find a daycare pronto for Maddox and get him enrolled. (Boo, that means I have to tell his teachers he's leaving too. :-( ) I also still need to figure out what I'm going to do with Leyton after school. I'm going to talk to my carpool friend tonight to see if she'll watch him. Ugh, I hate change, but this is good change, ya know? I just really, really hate that I'm going to have to tell the preschool I'm leaving. I mean, duh, it was inevitable ya know. But, I hate letting people down and I know my director will not be happy and this will just add more stress to her plate on getting me replaced.